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  • how do i report someone if an admin isnt on

    +1 vote
    someone griefed my stuff and no admin is on and i needed to know if its possible to report him without an admin there is no thing i can type in like /report
    asked Jan 26, 2013 in Tekkit by anonymous

    2 Answers

    0 votes
    answered May 20, 2015 by anonymous
    0 votes

    April 10, 2015

    Please help me on Spsc! Someone is lieing to EVERYONE! PLEASE HELP!

    If you are a admin on this server, ask everyone "whos minecraft username starts with a Kl?" and then if someones name starts with a Kl, ban them!

    answered May 20, 2015 by anonymous
    SuperPoptart10 HAs Swore at me He called me a fag and i did nothing he raided us and said fag we recked u 2 times FAg to me thats very offensive and was making fun of me/ cyberbully please ban him.

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