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  • how do i report someone?

    +6 votes
    this person on minecraft is sexually harassing me sayind whats up sexy and calm it im horny and stuff like that... please help ASAP......if someone can do it for me ill comment the name
    asked Jan 14, 2013 in Gameplay by anonymous

    7 Answers

    0 votes
    How are they harassing you. Through your minecraft server or..what
    answered Jan 19, 2013 by anonymous
    someone named sebasME2007 assaulted me on my gender calling me things like "ugh why does a girl have to play" and "boys are stronger and better than girls " and "leave" and etc this happened in a game of eggwars in the server called cubecraft.
    same her somebody keeps scamming on arcadewars.net ther name is M_A_K_47 nvm not a prob
    losers been breaking my house
    Someone was hacking and his name was ChillStreet4
    FutureEvening01 is going around killing everyone and destroying everything.
    +2 votes
    I would also like to know. My nine year old daughter was on the receiving end of this. Please advise how to report this as I have the offenders minecraft user name, and his Skype user name.
    answered Jan 21, 2013 by anonymous
    my friend Mushroomman25 has payed some1 8 credits [$500 each] and deathster is not paying him the amount    [im trying 2 report him but its not letting me]     hes not doing it + [its on server McAri on SkyBlock]
    1 day at mc origins were MR amazing was at 2 at my plot i asked some 1 2 help me build a game then he broke my house put water and made a red penis i cleared my plot then he lied making people think i made a penis
    3Name X1M0  hack flying my name Emis20
    HeyItzShadowxX and PusheenAbby and Blue_Heart and 7ustina are swearing and talking about sex and they have dolphin and knockback
    Hi I saw a VIP who at the start flew to another island and they were cursing and calling everyone mother f***ers
    +1 vote
    Hello :)

    Now they cannot harrass you on singleplayer so I'm assuming this is over a server. Server's have staff you will see in game such as [Admin], [Op], [Mod], [Owner], [Intern]. These players can ban/mute the player harrassing you, so I'd advise to get them to ban or mute them. If they do not want to then just quit that server because they are lazy and generally idiots.  If it's your own server simply do /ban (username). Problem solved. :)

    Thanks, JreconTV
    answered Apr 5, 2013 by MinecraftKnowledge (680 points)
    hi i have a problem to this guy stole my house and now im poor help me how do i report him on sexycraft.net!!!!!!!!
    Well what if the person harrasing you is staff and that they wont stop
    0 votes
    Try /ban if you have access to that command
    answered Jun 21, 2014 by HASHTAG_SWAGTAG (220 points)
    um i helped someone build a castle and gave my server money to help claim the land but when i got back on they had stolen my stuff and un trusted me and on that server it is against the rules to steel and raid so how do i report them the server is mine.edge-gamers.com  and his user is ghettoninja98
    0 votes

    this guy named vboyman tp me on sky grid he broke my house i had a lot of diamond and the said come to my house and ill rape u

    answered Nov 9, 2014 by anonymous
    just report him either on the website, or the Minecraft server!
    i lost all my stuff
    a person on opmines said the f word
    It's beast beastgamer225 the evil admin.
    Hi plz read this mojang. The game called minecraft pocket edition u made there is a admin yelling at haile for no reason and the admin is beast on a external server called multicraft and she is make the whole server in war. Let me get her full name quickly. I will upload a vid about this also.
    On Mineplex, every other game someone calls me a noob, though I've done nothing to my knowledge to earn that title. I have played on Mineplex for two years, and this just started suddenly -- It's like mass cyberbullying, with different inflections if the same insult. Sometimes I just log off because I feel aggravated and teary. I can't figure out how to report this to Mineplex without an account on their website, either...
    lol069 killed me and took my god apples
    0 votes
    Hi My username on minecraft is FlavorlesspieHD and ItsFunneh (a youtuber) has a server for her fans to join so they can join her well you see its a roleplay server and the server is ItsFunneh.tragicservers.com and you do / nick (name) or (usename) and you can make a name you want. Well theres this one girl/boy i dont know her nick name is aphmau the youtuber and shes fake and her username is ItsFunneh_ and shes spamming this website about anime? We have no idea but now shes doing the spam in caps so i hope you can join the server soon so that you can report her to ItsFunneh. Thanks your awesome <3 P.S. I have a screenshot of it as well ^_^
    answered Apr 1, 2016 by FlavorlesspieHD
    my friend bullyed me on his server  Then he kept killing me
    i want to help him on roleplay
    0 votes
    She is being rude to everyone and she hacks her game tag is ~rain she kills me and I lose my stuff and takes it she orders people to do stuff for her and also one she made 2boys kiss each other I'm so mad now
    answered Jan 1, 2017 by Parmida Mohammadi
    Hi there was a girl on a server once her name was aphsnewborn_ally. How do I report her? She was calling me the b word and the f word with er at the end. I am Christian so I am not typing them in.It really bothered me. How do I report her? PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!

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