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  • how do i report someone

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    please help me I'm 10 and I was on candycraft server and was building on creative and had help from my friend from school then she had to leave so I asked if anyone could help me build and one person said yes so he tpd then he destroyed most of my plot. when he left he said you will thank me later and by fu**** btw his name was gibbythebibby
    asked Jan 4, 2016 in Minecraft Servers by DJ_Angel093 (160 points)

    3 Answers

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    help me

    i invite a player named BethanyCB,she take my items,destroy a little bit of my island and steal my banners pls help me the mods dont responds my messages
    answered Apr 26, 2016 by Jesse975
    What server was it on? Just comment that and then I will try to contact a mod for you, don't say the server name say the IP for it.
    I had something related to that with someone named Seth_enderlord. But it was on the PrimeMC server.
    Also Jesse975, the best thing you can do about it is just avoid that server for now so that you don't get in another situation like that. If you really want to play Minecraft without hacks or griefers ETC. Then you need to really search around the internet and find servers that are absolutely save from hackers/griefers ETC. When you find servers on the internet or youtube then search up a lot of information about it before you get it. If none of the servers satisfy you then find out how to make your own and invite your friends on it. I hope I helped a little bit I guess....
    Me and my friend were on this guy's server and he was sexually harassing me and my friend. He was on his server the server ip is fshi.playmc.or and the port is 31488. Then he was asking where I live and stuff like that.. Plz help.
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    Well it depend on what server you want to report on as many do have a lot of different commands so you could do /help and find that some were in there or there is YouTube search it up in there your question or try doing /report (name)

    I hoped this help
    answered May 5, 2016 by TheEpicMinnie (190 points)
    I was just playing on the server PrimeMC, Creative when somebody asked me to teleport to them because they wanted to show me something cool. So I said "Nah" but then they responded that my friend SwagLoyd tried it so then I did come and try it. So this person named UglyAssCrackhead (No I did not make up this username ask a person named SwagLoyd) told me to fill my inventory with these chests he placed in a hopper. So I grabbed the chests out of the hopper and filled my inventory, then he told me to open this chest he had on his Plot. So I did, then I got banned. So I tried 5 more times to log back on but it did not work. The same thing happened to my friend SwagLoyd and I hope somebody can help me with this. Do not try to go on UglyAssCrackhead's plot because he got rid of the evidence. I had 3 screenshots of him and 1 of him breaking the evidence. But the one with him breaking the evidence failed and so I only got him standing in front of a sign that fell off the chest that I opened after he broke it. I haven't waited 24 hours yet so I might get back to anyone who responds once it has been 24 hours. Please take care of this and I'm sorry this is very long but I am super worried because that was my favorite server. Thank you for you're time and respond as soon as possible!! I answered TheEpicMinnie because I didn't know how to add my own comment with out answering anyone. I forgot to mention I used my brother 10guy's account to go tell a staff, but the staff wasn't an admin and they just told me to go and report them. I have no idea if anyone can help with Hacking but please give me some information or ban them and help my account get back on. Cristie_Gamez is my username in Minecraft. If nothing can be done I will just buy a new account. Again, thank you for you're time and replay as soon as possible!!! :)
    Still no connection to the server but now my friends know that I got hacked and they are contacting mods about it for me and playing with me every single day on a different server of PrimeMC. Yesterday and today I couldn't connect. Hope you all have a good day!!
    I am so so so so so.... (I think you're annoying by the amount of so's im putting....) sorry this my my fourth comment!! I just wanted to say that I meant to say REPLY not REPLAY. Tell me if you have to be commenting actual stuff. I don't know how to say it... stuff or like me reporting someone everytime you comment, but if you have to just remove my comments. Its fine but keep the one that says that I have been hacked. This comment actually will have more information once he see this ----> : after a word. More information: If anyone was wondering, when I got on my brother's account I went to a mod named Dabey. I don't know they're real username, its just a nickname on Prime. Anyways, so I told Dabey that I've been hacked... he said "If you've been hacked just go report them" that wasn't helpful to me at all. Obviously I did not say that to a mod but I did say this "How do you report?" he didn't answer at all. Before that I was saying to the server that UglyAssCrackhead was a hacker. He just kept saying that he doesn't even know how to hack or ban people and it literally made me cry. I'm sensitive when it comes to hacking and banning and I'm also only 9 years old....... I didn't like how he was lying and he got away with it. So I just logged off and ignored it, but I re-logged to see if the hacker was still on and..... HE LEFT. He literally left and got away with hacking. So you already know what happends next, I come to this website and tell mods.....
    I actually am really confused, I think I answered TheEpicMinnie or not. :/ Can somebody tell me how to work this website?? I need help with the hack and how to comment without having to respond to my own comment.... cause that's weird....
    I have waited 24 hours and I still can not get on the PrimeMC, Creative server. Please help me!!! I tried 7 times to get on but it did not work!!! Now I'm really scared that i'll be banned for ever because of the hacker. If any mods can reply to me, please quickly do it. I will give you guys July 7th-August 10th to reply. I will be responding every day and letting any mods know that it does work or does not. If I am pestering anyone with me commenting everyday about this hack then please let me know and I will just give you updates every week!! Thanks. :)
    This is my last comment on this website unless a mod or someone else responds to me or if I get more information on the hack. I am going to wait 21 more days to change my username and see if it works, I should comment if I can get on the server on August 1st.
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    That happend to me before and i am ten and what happend is this guy on hypixel came to my housing that i worked on for days and he said he wanted to help so when i let him build he destroyed most of my plot to and i was so sad and i just deleted the server and never looked back. It worked pretty well so i think it would work for you but i was never satistfied.
    answered Mar 10, 2017 by glasses_girl1