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  • Issues with NuVotifier / minecraft-server-list ban appeal

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    Hello Claush,

         Recently, I posted my server on minecraft-server-list.com hoping to build up the server profile before I fully release the server. Currently the hub is open, and I plan on opening everything towards the end of the month.

         I was still in the process configuring my server, and I ran into several issues with Votifier & NuVotifier. Last week I configured NuVotifier, and updated the IP, port, and public key on the server list; this bounced back because it was incorrectly configured. After repeating this process several times (Trying to fix votifier, updating the server, checking if it works), I found that my account was blocked from updating due to spam.

         I have tried very hard to follow the list's rules (as posted), however, this was unfortunately unavoidable. If unbanned, I will try to find some other way to test my votifier setup prior to updating the list with the information.

         Thank you for reading this and thank you for your effort in creating such a well designed server list, and sorry for not fully understanding votifier prior to attempting to connect it to the server list,



    Extra notes:

    - My account on the server list is InteriorCamping (and my server is server 353312)

    - Sorry for posting this appeal a week after the incident, I did not have my email password when the incident happened, and after that I was away from internet for a week

    - I apologize if this was posted in the wrong category, I am inexperienced with this website's organization system.
    asked Aug 5, 2016 in IP Servers List by interiorcamping (190 points)

    1 Answer

    +1 vote
    Hi interiorcamping,

    Not quite sure how you mean you are banned? I have not made any specific penalty/ban on your server or account.

    What kind of error are you getting? Is it on visiting the actual site, when logging in or when updating your server? Let me get some more details and I will try get you unblocked.

    And normally I wouldn't do a penalty for what you describe, so you should be fine forward :)
    One thing I notice that could help you make the server look more legit to lists and plaers, is to get a real domain name for it and not just ddns free domain
    answered Aug 5, 2016 by Claush (84,300 points)
    My error specifically can be found here.

    This started to become an error after I updated my server 5-6 times trying to fix votifier, so I assumed that was the issue.

         I have not fully released my server yet, and as a result I am still unfortunately using free dns/webhosting services to decrease costs until I release fully.

         If that is the reason why its being blocked, I can upgrade to the paid website early (I was also hoping the Canadian dollar would go up before I upgraded).
    The ban was not related to you, it is to the free dns service you use. It was exploited to many times by others.

    So yeah either find another dns service that isn't blocked, use the numeric IP you got from host or upgrade to get your own domain name (recommended). Then you just update your listing and all should work fine :)
    Thanks for the response.
    Quick question, are all noip domains blocked, or just ddns.net?
    no all are not banned, but noone knows about tomorrow. When we see exploits through certain free dns, we might need to block them.

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