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    I send an e-mail 3 times for a unban and in every one of them i explained how much sorry i was and that i read all there FAQ and Terms of use 3 times but they don't ever respond :( Any other way to contact them ?

    This is my e-mail :(


    Dear Minecraft-server-list Staff, 


    i got banned due to there were multiple servers of survivalCloud on your website and i must apologize for that. Could you please disable "snuffelelle" account name and enable "snuffelcedric2" account name i really apologize for what i did i never knew it was allowed now i didn't know the rules. I read them 3 times now throughout your website(terms of use and faq) i read every page to make sure that this will not happen against Could you please unban "snuffelcedric2" from your website i don't care about the other account, also you may disable my ip to make any more accounts. 

    Note: Snuffelelle account deleted the other server

    I am very sorry for doing this. Thanks


    Server: SurvivalCloud


    Account that i want unsdisable: "snuffelcedric2"

    Account that you may disable: "snuffelelle" 

    Other Dns:






    Thanks i won't do it again :(

    asked Jan 13, 2016 in Minecraft Servers by snuffelcedric2 (430 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    account is not locked anymore or been for some days. But stick to those rules in svan if you want to remain there.
    answered Jan 13, 2016 by Claush (85,260 points)

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