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  • Banned for description on Minecraft-Server-List

    +2 votes

    Hello minecrafters!

    Last night I posted my prison server LockDownMC onto Minecraft-Server-List.com.

    I was banned literally after 10 minutes of posting and assumed it was due to a bug as it thought I was updating more regularly than I should. Looking back on it now, I did not abuse this and was very confused as to why I was banned.

    Looking back on it now, I believe that it was due to my description as I mentioned my old minecraft server which I use to have that is now being relaunched as 'LockDownMC' - the name of the old server mentioned a world which you could categorize 'sugar' and 'grass' under... ( Dont want to say it ) - titled ****WarsMC.

    I do apologise for this but would really appriciate an unban as there was not illegal intent!


    How do I get unbanned as Claush and other staff members do not respond?

    The account banned was: lockdownmc1997


    Please can someone get back to me! I really need to get back on the website!

    asked Jul 7, 2016 in Minecraft Servers by kylesteruk (140 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    Server got a nasty history of spamming our site - continiously. Why it is placed on a ban list. Changing hosts and IP wont help.

    This goes back a bit, but we do not take spam lightly as it is wasting not only our time, but lowering the quality of a website meant to help others get players. Spammers directly cheat all the legit people out there.

    I recommend using the other services out there to promote your server - and if we do not see any spam from this server the next 3 months, we will lift the ban then. You can reply to this thread at that time.
    answered Jul 7, 2016 by Claush (84,290 points)
    Excuse me, are you a staff member of Minecraft-server-list.com? I got banned without any reason. I'm sure I didn't do anything on the website. I was banned a long time ago and I can't vote for servers now through this website. Please unban or tell me the reason why I was banned. Thx.

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