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  • Compass Stopped Working?

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    For some reason my compass stopped working all of a sudden....

    I am playing in single player survival mode on minecraft version 1.10. I know that the compass only points to the original spawn point (not set by beds) which happens to be in my base. I've already successfully wandered very far from my base before and always found my way back with the help of my compass. This time, while I was in the middle of nowhere, it randomly stopped working. By stopped working, I mean it has started spinning and changing directions spastically as if every single block I walk on is the spawn point. Every time I turn or move it starts spinning in random directions. I have not been to the nether, am using no mods, and have no idea what is going on. 

    Any help would be great,


    asked Jul 17, 2016 in Minecraft Bugs by Sassy_Giraffe (130 points)

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