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  • Why is my minecraft working differently than before?

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    Why is my minecraft working differerntly than before?            Let me tell you this first so you will be able to help me.  My " use item " key is Button 1.  Alright? Good. Heres what i want to know. : My minecraft is sort of working differently than before. When i go to my inventory on Creative mode, I literally have to push down my finger as hard as i possibly can! Then if i want to put it back, it wont let me! Also, You know how you see your inventory with the 9 spaces on the bottom of the screen, right? I cant see that, and my axis is gone. : Thats what i wanted help with, but could it be the update i did this morning? i have version 1.47 and updated it to, i dont know! Can you help me? anyone?

    related to an answer for: how can i get rid of a update
    asked Mar 17, 2013 in Gameplay by anonymous

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