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  • Regarding when players can vote on MCSL

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    I am reaching out to you in regards to the vote times for MCSL. I am working on improving our push notifications for voting to nail down each individual service that they can vote on. To do this I need to know some information from each server list that we offer vote rewards for, and that would be if you can vote every 6hr, 12hr, or 24hr. If it is none of the above is it every calendar day based on local time zone for the player or every calendar day based on the time zone of the server? I specifically had to reach out to your server list because voting was acting very unexpectedly during our tests, aka we voted and then tried voting again and it said we must wait an arbitrary amount of time to vote again, in our case 5 hours and 46 minutes when we only voted 3 minutes ago. This was reproduced on different IPs as well so we learned that your server list ignores source IP. Please respond back as soon as possible, thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Devon Casper
    asked Jul 24 in IP Servers List by Speentie8081 (170 points)

    1 Answer

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    Vote timer is fixed time. It resets at 12.00 AM GMT+1 every calendar day.
    answered Jul 24 by Claush (79,670 points)
    selected Jul 24 by Speentie8081
    Thank you for responding
    Turns out it is GMT+0 standard zero-offset time, after struggling with getting the time to match for a couple hours.

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