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  • Tamed wolves keep disappearing

    +1 vote
    I have a problem with tamed wolves. It usually happens when I re-log on to my world after an hour or so.

    The first time was when I had a pack of about 6 wolves with me and I logged off. About an hour or more later I logged back in and all except one pup disappeared. I tried to find them but I could not, and they wouldn't teleport to me, even if I walked around the perimeter of the small island I was on. So I raised the pup into an adult and this time, I attached a lead to it and tied it to a fence post inside my house, with the door closed. I then logged out. An hour later when I checked back in, it was there. I decided this was how I would keep my wolves in place. I logged off the next time but I didn't do that whole process so when I logged back in, it disappeared. So I tamed another wolf and did that whole process again and logged out again. About an hour later, the wolf was gone. I had logged back in the house, and the wolf was not on a lead and on top of that, the door was open. I really hope that there is no new feature where your tame wolf is able to escape from the lead and open doors, because I am not going to play this game anymore out of frustration. I really hope a developer can fix this. Thank you!
    asked May 21, 2019 in Minecraft Bugs by E.T、ホワッツマン (130 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    I’ve just had a similar glitch happen to me. I stopped playing one of my Minecraft world’s for about a week or so, and when I came back I noticed that most of my dogs had just disappeared. The other dogs that hadn’t disappeared just looked like untamed wolves with tame eyes and a name tag on them. The dogs that look like untame wolves are unable to sit or anything, they just act completely different.
    answered Jan 7 by thepanfairy

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