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  • A dead wolf is following me is it a glitch or something more siriuse

    +1 vote
    I have tamed a wolf and it got killed by a zombie , I have three other wolves and counted them but a second later the dead wolf was following me , collar and everything, I even collected the experience from its death, it died a couple of other times but one in particular, I was in the river and it followed me and drowned, ... I thought it was dead for good but when I was mining two days later I saw it glitch in front of me and shake off water, its been following me again since, what do I do , is it a glitch or what ?
    asked Jul 9, 2013 in Gameplay by Hanna Natalia Nally (140 points)
    edited Jul 13, 2013 by Hanna Natalia Nally

    3 Answers

    +1 vote
    That is really creepy, but its probably not registering that it is dead. Its not a bad glitch but if you dont like it I recommend creating a new world.
    answered Jul 11, 2013 by JustAnAsianGamer (310 points)
    0 votes
    If it gliched more than 3 times it could be very serious. Your computer might of had a virus. Stay on the computer until the glitch clears up. Once it clears up stay off the computer for about 1 week. Then it should be fine.
    answered Jul 17, 2013 by anonymous
    0 votes
    That is really creepy I think it's a bug if you have it on PC go to mycleanpc.com and update your computer if Xbox or PE you're screwed
    answered Aug 4, 2013 by Corymunchkin (620 points)

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