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  • Claush do you even answer?

    +2 votes
    Hey claush,

    I got my domains banned survivalcloud.org, scloud.ga, semivanilla.tk i sent you alot of e-mails, you deleted my server on your website that had 3000+ vote, i didn't know it was not allowed to keep posting new servers :(

    I am truly sorry from the bottem of my heart and i will NEVER EVER do this again, i stopped placing servers in the semi-vanilla cause i thought you were right. I know a small server on your list doesn't mean shit to you but to me it means to world.

    Thanks claush and i am trutly sorry :/

    The e-mail:

    Hey claush,


    Its me my account has been disabled due to posting my server multiple times (using SRV), could you please forgive me, i won't do this again.

    I know 1 server doesn't mean much for you since you have so many servers listed, plz unban/give my server back.  But please i would do anything to get my server and account unbanned, i promise i won't do this again


    Server: SurvivalCloud


    Account : "snuffelcedric2"
    asked Feb 18, 2016 in Minecraft Servers by snuffelcedric2 (430 points)

    2 Answers

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    I'm sorry, but what in the world did you expect would happen?

    You had a listing on the site, and yet kept making new accounts (more than 20) and submitted new listings from new DNS constantly.

    Each new account got disabled (while I kindly let you keep your original one), and yet you kept creating more and more, even though you would know from getting the new accounts and submissiond deleted, that what you did was wrong. In the end, you just proved you didn't care about the rules or my time, as I had to remove listings daily from you.

    You are still able to make 1 submission from the original DNS now, which is extremely lucky as others have been perm banned for less.

    Tbh I'd really rather give the traffic to people who respect the rules and other people (and your question below is answered in the FAQ http://minecraft-server-list.com/minelog/faq/#updating-a-server )

    All that said, you can make an account and submit your .org DNS and leave it at that - but please don't keep testing my patience as my time is better spent on other things than spam.
    answered Feb 19, 2016 by Claush (90,970 points)
    selected Jul 20, 2016 by snuffelcedric2
    0 votes
    Can you please forgive me i won't ever do this again. I swear on my dogs grave :(

    Is it allowed to just add a word to your server desc and update it so its in the recently updated list? Once a day?
    answered Feb 18, 2016 by snuffelcedric2 (430 points)