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  • More info needed before i do anything wrong again!!

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    Hey claush,


    I know me and you have had alot of trouble so i am here to make things clear now and to not make any mistakes again. So first off is it allowed to change a few words in your server desc once a day to update so it shows in the recently updated list? Second off i am probaly going to start anohter server and this time it will be semi-vanilla now my question is what is allowed of plugins, i know mcmmo is not allowed but what is are Pets allowed(echopet), holograms(Holographicdisplays), is /tpa allowed, is a random teleporter in the world allowed, are warps allowed, dynmap, What is allowed and what is not you need to be specific

    Thanks and once again sorry :/
    related to an answer for: Claush do you even answer?
    asked Feb 19, 2016 in Minecraft Servers by snuffelcedric2 (430 points)

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    That is answered in the category description to Semi Vanilla servers - Look at that for the most recent rules (wont write here as they can be subject to change).


    But in general no, most of what you just mentined got nothing to do with semi vanilla. Semi Vanilla is Vanilla, but with some server protection for the administration (griefprotection, rollback method for admin and such).


    And there is a semi vanilla skype group now (contact one of the top servers in the category for access) - there you can ask for more specifics, as the owners helped form the new rules and they know what will go and not if you are still in doubt.



    answered Feb 19, 2016 by Claush (66,760 points)
    selected Jul 18, 2016 by snuffelcedric2
    You didn't answer this question:  So first off is it allowed to change a few words in your server desc once a day to update so it shows in the recently updated list?
    I did answer it the first time you asked: http://minecraft-answers.com/8223/claush-do-you-even-answer?show=8226#a8226

    Even gave you direct link to the rule
    once a day will not trigger an alarm, but exploiting the update with much more will and it will be manually reviewed.

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