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  • Under server settings, McMMO is unavailable to servers locked into adventure mode. Why is this 'not allowed'?

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    I run an adventure server that ALSO runs McMMO (most of it, not all of it). When I try to select that I run it, however, it disables my adventure mode checkbox and when I try to check it back, it disables McMMO. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    asked Sep 12, 2012 in IP Servers List by anonymous

    2 Answers

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    To resolve the issue where selecting McMMO disables the adventure mode checkbox (and vice versa), you can follow these steps:

    1. Check the Plugin Configuration:

      • Review the configuration files for both the adventure mode and McMMO plugins. Ensure there are no conflicting settings that might be causing this behavior.
    2. Plugin Compatibility:

      • Verify that both plugins are compatible with each other. Sometimes, plugins may have settings or code that prevent them from running simultaneously.
    3. Custom Configuration:

      • If no inherent conflicts are found, consider creating a custom configuration that allows both features to coexist. This might involve modifying configuration files or creating custom scripts.
    4. Update Plugins:

      • Make sure both plugins are up-to-date. Sometimes, newer versions fix bugs and add compatibility for other plugins.
    5. Consult Documentation and Support:

      • Check the documentation for both plugins for any notes on compatibility or known issues.
      • Reach out to the support forums or communities for each plugin. Other users or the developers might have encountered and resolved similar issues.
    6. Server Management Panel:

      • If you’re using a server management panel, ensure that there are no settings or limitations imposed by the panel that prevent both checkboxes from being selected simultaneously. Sometimes, these panels have settings that can be adjusted.
    7. Manual Configuration:

      • As a last resort, you can manually configure the server settings to ensure both adventure mode and McMMO run together. This may involve directly editing the server's configuration files or using command-line settings.

    If these steps do not resolve the issue, you might need to provide more detailed information about the specific plugins you are using and any error messages or logs that are generated when you attempt to enable both features. This additional information can help in diagnosing and fixing the problem more effectively.

    answered Jun 1 by BlackMamba (440 points)
    selected Jun 1 by Claush
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    Thanks for reporting it - I have adjusted the exclusions a bit. Please try it again
    answered Sep 12, 2012 by Claush (90,970 points)