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  • How Can I Remove the Port on my Server Submission?

    +1 vote
    I need to add my server to the website (www.minecraft-server-list.com) and my IP is multicraft-server.co.uk

    I do not wish to put the port on there, is there an option to remove my port once it has been added??
    asked Dec 19, 2013 in IP Servers List by CraftMastaaaa (130 points)

    1 Answer

    –1 vote
    simply use the default port 25565 - after it is added it will not be visible since it is the default port.
    answered Dec 19, 2013 by Claush (84,290 points)
    This did not actually work... For the IP I put in "multicraft-server.co.uk" and for the port: "25565"

    It says the server is not online, but I can assure you it is... Is there something I can do about this?
    If you are worried about security since you need to put up a port, please do not worry about it. A port can do very little in the wrong hands.
    it won't work it says cannot connect to server whats with that
    Maybe your host is blocking server lists from pinging. But normally, the IP you enter in the client is the same you enter on a server list.
    And if you do not enter a port when joining, then you should just use 25565 on the list (it will then ignore the port).

    Are you using SRV record ?

    If that is not working, I would try talk with the host - they might have an answer.

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