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  • How can I save my map and peoples progress, but restart my server?

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    So, I think I may have really messed up my server. I was using essentials and used /butcher, and apparently it killed EVERYTHING on my server. Meaning, villagers no longer recognize their towns as theirs, and dissapear after I spawnt hem via egg or essentials.

    I'd like to save my servers progress, (like everyones buildings and hopefully their inventories if that is possible.

    But after three hours of reading and searching for guides, I'm a bit skeptical and terrified that I may mess up! (all these file names are confusing me. x__x)


    What is it exactly that I need to save/download/reupload to keep my map, but restart the villager spawning stuff. /=


    Anyhelp or points to a clear/easily understandable guide would be AWESOME. T__T

    Thank you!
    asked Dec 5, 2012 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    Hm... Normally, I would suggest making a backup of your world file and re-downloading the server software, but that would preserve any and all changes made to the world, including the mobs being killed. There are mods that let you copy different parts of the world (such as World Downloader) and then you could just make a new world and paste all the buildings back.
    answered Dec 9, 2012 by anonymous

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