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  • I got hit by an invisible entity.

    +2 votes
    While I was randomly playing in my survival singleplayer world, I was going to climb some stairs to my base which was in a ravine. before I could go, I got hit by an invisible entity. I have seen some people report that and their problem was an invisible mob or something, but when I looked behind me, I was able to see the sweep effect caused by a sword hit, so that's a bit strange. and I haven't gotten hit at all afterwards. Is this a common bug or what?
    asked Oct 21, 2021 in Minecraft Bugs by Maulfr (140 points)

    2 Answers

    0 votes
    Invisible spider probably, they spawn because it was halloween (i think)
    answered Nov 20, 2021 by caerot (180 points)
    I thought so too but if it was a spider wouldn't it continue attacking me? Besides the damage was like one heart. I'm pretty sure spiders deal more damage than that
    0 votes
    Is it a bug? because I was in the same situation
    answered Nov 20, 2021 by HeidiStewart (140 points)

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