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  • Aternos Hosting: Needing Guide To Creating Server

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    I used to own a wonderful server a year back called Dagor Dagorath that sadly went under due to some dramatic and over-the-top complications that shattered an amazing community and left friends indifferent for a very long time.

    For a couple months all my friends from that server have been reminiscing, wishing for that server I designed to come back, but the problem is I'm broke as I'm unemployed due to all my disabilities. So I looked into free server hosting, as I'd heard from people that they do exist and its possible.

    A friend on discord recommended I try Aternos, stating he'd played a few modpacks on there and even made a server once.

    The staff on there are responsive as often as they can be and prefer, which isn't often and that can be a bit frustrating for the people like myself who're genuinely trying to learn and improve their knowledge in utilizing Minecraft mechanics.

    I've spent almost two weeks having issue after issue trying to set up a modpack of my own on their host:



    I'm not getting fully descriptive and concise feedback like I'm needing to resolve my issues, and I get it sometimes people are tired and not wanting to deal with these migraine-inducing long-winded explanations or they're just simply not as knowledgeable in the subject as a higher-up is. I'm hoping by reaching out on here that I can get the feedback I need.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TWb-jOIS9fTgZ2Opp82t7AmG2k0S0duM/view?usp=sharing this is the modpack zip file as well.

    and here is my computer properties in case that is needed as well.

    asked Jan 17, 2020 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    DO NOT use aternos for large amounts of players, you CAN NOT install your OWN mod packs. You need to install it from the aternos pre-selected mods.

    It is a crap server hosting, you are given 1.5GB of ram on the server (and less) and pretty quickly the server becomes a laggy mess. The support is sometimes okay there, although it's usally just one guy answering questions blantly and rudely.

    If you REALLY want to use it, go to aternos.org/server then to your 'software' (on the left) --> 'forge' then selected the ver and mods.
    answered Apr 2, 2020 by anonymous