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  • Can my cat be alive?

    +1 vote
    Once on my friend’s server, I swam across the sea with my cat in a boat. I was already near the shore, but due to memory overload there was a disconnect. When I re-entered the game, there was no cat. But there was also no reported death. There were no players online except me. I never found her after that. Not on the shore from which I sailed, not on the shore to which I was approaching.
    Could she be alive? If so, where can it be?
    asked Sep 14, 2019 in Gameplay by anonymous

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    Probably.... I am not 100% sure, memory overload (or Stack Overflows) are generally known to be cause by certain events caused by the server's code, so either something on the server crashed it (You or your cat), or an internal error,

    your cat might be gone cause it might have took up to much memory, but then again, I don't know how many entities were loaded, if you give me that info I could give a more clear answer,,,,
    answered Sep 15, 2019 by anonymous