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  • How do I refresh my server to be on the new page?

    +3 votes
    I am not getting new players because my server was offline for 3 hours. How do I "bump" it back onto the list?
    asked Jun 4, 2012 in IP Servers List by anonymous
    recategorized Jun 5, 2012 by Claush

    1 Answer

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    Click the "Manual Ping" link at the dashboard. It will show you server as online again.

    Getting to the New page only happends the first time you submit the server, as that page is meant for New servers and not old servers repeating their listing.

    But don't rely on just one source for getting players - there are many server lists out there and forums/blogs etc. where you can attract new players.

    Getting players in the beginning is always tough, but just keep working on making a great server and they will come AND STAY (more important than many casual players dropping by)
    answered Jun 4, 2012 by Claush (90,760 points)
    selected Jul 15, 2012 by Claush