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  • Minecraft Bedrock 1.12 Villagers stop going to bed or responding to bell, why is this happening and how do I fix it?

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    In my Minecraft Bedrock world on the nintendo switch version of the game I have an artificial village that works quite well. It is a tower with most of it's floors being about 32/32 with certain floors dedicated to certain functions, being workplaces, floors with beds, and farms. Until recently, despite how far up many of the beds were, the villagers almost always found their beds easily every night, or whenever I struck a bell. However, just now I placed some more beds, and now half of my village won't either go to bed at night or respond to me using the bell. This is really bad, because the bell was my only way of getting the villagers away from my door so that I can leave, or of getting them to go back inside if they manage to escape. I tried removing beds again, but that isn't working either, and I can't find anything online. Why is this happening? If there are other factors that could change the answer, just ask me for the answer, I'd be happy to give more information.
    asked Aug 6 in Gameplay by Smart_TJ (120 points)

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