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  • Villagers are breeding without bed, food and trades. How to stop?

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    The villagers in my world (1.14.2) keep breeding without any of the requirements. I don't trade with them, they don't have beds nor jobs (so they don't get food). They keep breeding anyways.

    This really messes with some stuff like my automatic crop farm. It uses villagers who try to trade, but drop the items in a hopper instead. Although the hopper makes it impossible for them to trade, babies still appear. The babies can get through a hole which I can't cover up (it would make the farm useless). They move around my hopper minecarts and just screw things up in general. There are NO beds within 20 blocks of the crop farm.

    Someone please tell my how to stop the endless breeding, or how to easily get rid of baby villagers without messing with the adult villagers.

    P.S. Not sure if the cause was my extreme amount of villagers but there were also 9 raids at the same time.
    asked Jun 24, 2019 in Gameplay by CtrAltDelicious (130 points)

    2 Answers

    0 votes
    Try removing all doors.
    answered Aug 12, 2019 by anonymous
    0 votes
    I am having the same problem
    answered Feb 17 by JavlaGrohda

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