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  • Help! idcounts.dat is stopping me reloading my server!

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    My friend and I recently went on a TNT rampage, confident we could reload the map afterwards. The damage is too much to even contemplate rebuilding.

    Here's the thing: I tried to load the world fle from Time Machine (yes, this is mac osx)... and I couldn't. It says (direct quote) 'You can't complete this operation because you don't have permission to 'idcounts.dat'.

    Help! I know what idcounts.dat is (the ingame map files) but why don't I have permission to it and how can I get permission to it?

    I'm running Mac OSX as I stated before. If it helps all the data files in the world file were deleted when I stopped the server to restore it.
    asked Sep 24, 2012 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    Your fault you went crazy with TNT.If you didnt want this to happen, then you shouldn have done it.Your friend and you shouldve known this might be a possible thing to happen, and it was.
    answered Oct 18, 2012 by ELLAMELLA (8,950 points)