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  • Bedrock Edition Realms: if I upload a world to realms, do the players’ inventories stay or are they wiped empty?

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    I want to know because I accidentally enabled cheats on my realm (which forever disabled achievements), so in order to get achievements again I have to upload a world (a copy of my realm) that didn’t ever have cheats activated. But I can just use an NBT editor to make that happen. I’m not able to edit the realm directly though because that’s stored in Minecraft’s servers and not to your device.

    So if I upload a world to realms, do all the players’ inventories stay with them or are they emptied?
    asked Jun 30, 2018 in Realms by prestonle890 (130 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    Everyone's Inventory will stay the same except the owner of the world.  I have had mine disappear completely including ender chest inventory.  The best thing to do is take everything off including armor, ender chest and put it into a normal chest as the world owner.  Then after uploading you can grab your items back.  All other players who have played on the world/realm have always been able to get their original items/inventory with no problems.  I hope this helps you!
    answered Aug 10, 2018 by thejaxster