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  • Please help! 6 year old lost house in Minecraft!:(

    +4 votes
    Please help me! My 6 year old LOVES his minecraft game and has spent so long buildinv his castle and was so proud.. he dug and dug all the way through the ground until he hit a void and was stuck wandering around and all he could see was a sun/moon. I managed to get him out by switching to survival then back to creative mode but now he has appeared in a completely unrecognisable place... i tried followimg the compass but it keeps leading him to a hole in the ground under the water and when we follow the hole hes stuck in the void again. Got him back out but hes still lost
    asked Nov 10, 2015 in Gameplay by Jaz (160 points)

    1 Answer

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    there's a way to find back the building, the compass is not the way , the compass is follow you to the place thats you spawned for the first time, like when you sleep in a bed and it broken, (can be changed by /setworldspawn)


    if he build it so far from the spawnpoint, try use "MCedit"

    its one of the best ways to make an large building and build things.

    Can be downloaded from this link http://khroki.github.io/MCEdit-Unified/

    after you downloaded, select your world and find it, its will be more easier.

    when you found, go to the "Players" tab and select your minecraft username,

    then click on the "camera view" and its will teleport him to you.

    and just save and close.


    go back to the game and the first thing you need do is /setwoldspawn


    than you can use the compass to go to your builds without lost them again,

    i sure thats i helped.


    if you not understand what you was need to do, check some vedios on MCedit v1

    for how to use.
    answered Dec 7, 2015 by FireRainV (580 points)