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  • MCSL error, Cant Vote with correct username "you need a valid minecraft username to be able to vote!"

    +5 votes
    Joined a server and haven't been able to vote on Minecraft server list (voting for Safe Survival Server). The mods and owner of the server don't understand or know why this is happening. There was also a very strange thing that I observed. At one point I was able to enter the correct username and cast a vote which was accepted on the MCSL website as registered but when I go into the game I have no rewards or vote accounted for even after typing the /VR Claim rewards command. I had assumed it was an error on the server but the moderators and Owner didn't know what was wrong. Eventually my votes just stopped being accepted on the MCSL site and the error "You need a valid minecraft username to be able to vote!" is the only error I get now with the same username.
    asked Jul 10, 2015 in Minecraft Servers by Parad0x77 (180 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    I have made an update - try vote again and see if this works for you.
    answered Jul 10, 2015 by Claush (90,970 points)
    Hi , I am unable to vote for my own server , i have never received this message : You need a valid Minecraft Username to be able to vote!
    I would appreciated whatever you can do to fix this , Thank you
    Dgoosy owner CraftNation101
    fixed the issue
    Getting the same thing (I think) For Global Extinct 1.13. It says "Invalid Playername" but my playername is correct and it hasn't been changed ever since I first got this account.
    It is fixed. working on the voting system atm.