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  • Lan world not connecting

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    Hi guys,

    First of all, FYI we are on macs. My sister and I love to play together via "open to LAN". About a month or so ago, when I opened up my world to Lan, it wouldn't show up on my sister's multiplayer server list where it usually appears. Next, i tried to use direct connect by typing in the ip:port number. When I did that it tried to connect for a while until it said "connection timed out." I know  you guys will ask a ton of questions so I will clarify: 1: We have a strong connection to the same wifi (which we have reset several times) . 2: We are both on 1.8.7.  3: I checked our firewalls and they were both off.  Basically we have done everything we can.

    I have googled for hours and found countless "solutions" and none worked for us. It seems we have kind of a weird problem. It would be amazing if you figured this out


    asked Jun 16, 2015 in Gameplay by BIGhatte00 (130 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    Wouldn't it be best if you hosted your server instead of man I find man very... Hard to use but if you have a server you can host it on a spare computer. Also, if you want to use lan then try restarting Minecraft or your computer or mc and try again.
    answered Jun 28, 2015 by JasorYEH

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