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  • Minecraft Downloaded from Team Extreme has messed up my world data!

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    I downloaded Team extreme’s cracked minecraft launcher/application. I started playing around a week before new year’s. (2015..) everything was going fine for me, and I had the data files for my minecraft on my usb. A few days ago, my Norton anti-virus quarantined my minecraft.exe application. I restored it, but every time I clicked on it to play it'd get quarantined again. I eventually just restored it and waited to play it in school, where it wouldn’t be quarantined and I could play in peace. When I accessed my world, something devastating happened; instead of being in the wilderness with a lot of new items,  and an awesome home with rainbow sheep waiting for me in the distance, I was in a dark little hut, on day 15-something. I was on day 100+ in my actual minecraft world. Something happened to my save files!! I accessed my player stats in the .minecraft file, and there I saw something that may be able to restore my data: within the coding, I saw words like “iron ingot,” “redstone,” “breeding,” “carpet,” etc. these things did not exist for me in the early stages of my minecraft adventure. I got iron waaay later, and redstone just recently, so even though my world’s save files are apparently deleted, aside for a bit of the early days, is there a way to restore ALL of my data?! Please, help me guys! I put so much effort into this and I really would be devastated if I don’t get my REAL world back. Thank you in advance!! :)

    asked Feb 2, 2015 in Minecraft Bugs by Luirvara (290 points)

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