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  • Why cant I log in to my minecraft account to play on servers online?

    –1 vote
    When I pull up my minecraft launch and i press log in, its ways "log in failed" and I cant play online servers.
    asked Aug 8, 2012 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    #1: Are you able to play offline?

    #2: do you have a ligit minecraft account?

    Umm.. You might wait a few hours.. Some times it will work after abit..


    Sorry.. need alitte more info.


    answered Aug 9, 2012 by lead_oxide2 (1,260 points)
    #1 I can play offline
    #2 I do have a legit minecraft account (and have premium).
    I have waited for about 3-6 months and still no sign of online gameplay.

    I logged in on a different computer that is 50 miles away from my original PC I played on minecraft.

    does this information help?
    sounds a bit weird - did you try install it all from scratch again?
    And could you try the webbrowser version on minecraft.net ?

    And here a few suggestions I pulled from another site from people with same problem as you:

    1) Run either with administrator privileges
    2) Reinstall Java. Maybe one of the packages for network protocol transmission broke or is corrupted.
    3) Backup your saves, then delete your .minecraft folder (found inC:\Users\\AppData\Roaming). Then delete and re-download the client, preferably the .jar
    4) Try running it in Safe Mode with Networking (boot up your PC and press and hold F8 on most PCs). It'll disable your video card, but if you can log in, you'll know it's a hardware issue.