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  • It says I voted already today but I didn't

    +3 votes
    I am trying to vote for the Mineplex server on two different websites but they say that I have already voted today. I have not voted or even played Minecraft for a week but it still says that I voted today. Help!
    asked Mar 27, 2014 in Minecraft Servers by Mine180craft (150 points)

    4 Answers

    0 votes
    If you have another person in your house that votes then there is the problem. When they vote you can't vote the same thing happens to me.
    answered Jun 24, 2014 by anonymous
    0 votes
    As the other mentioned - Maybe someone from the household already voted on those sites?

    What did it say exactly? That the IP had already voted or the Username had already voted?

    Besides, maybe someone voted for you - it will still give you the reward, even if you didn't vote.. But keep me updated if this happens more (even send me an email with your username, so I can investigate more)
    answered Jun 25, 2014 by Claush (75,360 points)
    0 votes
    the same thing is happening to me but no one else plays minecraft in the family. I have no idea what's going on
    answered Jun 28, 2015 by bananapower54
    0 votes
    I use Google Chrome and i have a VPN extension called 'Hola'. It works well on most of the voting websites except MCS.
    answered Jan 24, 2017 by Ahmed

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