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  • How do you dye the second layer of leather armor with commands

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    If you don't fully understand this question, I mean how do you use the /give command for leather armor while using the extra datatag information to color the first and second layers of the leather armor.

    Im trying to learn more about datatags and this will help me understand coloring certain things in the game
    asked Nov 30, 2013 in Crafting by Dannie (130 points)

    1 Answer

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    Use the color's 3-part RGB (Red-Green-Blue) code for the following equation:

    [Blue] + 256 x [Green] + 65536 x [Red] = [Z] (the number you will need for the command)

    If you want Red, the 3-part RGB code will be 255 000 000

    You would enter it as:

    000 + 256 x 000+ 65536 x 255 = 16711680

    [Z] = 16711680 (for Red)

    Therefore, the command for getting a bright red leather cap would be:

    /give <Player Name> leather_helmet 1 -0 {display:{color:16711680}}

    Use this page for more RGB codes.

    (Also, you cant change the outer layer, I'm assuming you mean like the brown stripe on the cap, the knee-pads on the pants, or the bottom of the boots.)


    -SmashPortal, King of the Cave Spiders

    answered Dec 9, 2013 by anonymous
    I don't really get this. It doesn't say how to make it that color. Like, I'm saying that do you wear the helmet, drop the helmet or like, what?
    You can change an already-existing item like that as far as I'm aware of, but you can spawn a new item in, which is what the command is supposed to do.

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