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  • Hey guys I was wondering if in the latest minecraft update (1.6.2) you could find horses without entering the seed 1.6.1

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    Ok, so after the update was released I looked for horses in a world that i had already created some time ago and didn't find any. So I created a new world and used the seed 1.6.1 and instantly came across some horses. So, I was wondering if you needed the seed in order to find horses? thank you.

    asked Jul 18, 2013 in Gameplay by knife master 6 (310 points)

    1 Answer

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    Best answer

    Greetings! Any world you had before 1.6.1 doesn't spawn horses. You have to move to new chunks to find horses. If you create a world after 1.6.1 and is in a plains biome then it will spawn horses. A lot of times you'll find horses automatically. 


    answered Aug 17, 2013 by FadenGlory (840 points)
    selected Apr 8, 2014 by knife master 6

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