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  • My minecraft doesn't open after I installed Sphax!

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    i have installed millions of texture packs and decided to install the texture pack sphax. I wanted to run it in minecraft, it froze and after a while it CRASHED. I am trying to open it again but it doesn't work. i can log in and at the part it says MOJANG it freezes for ever. I have tryed to delete minecraft, but when I redownload it the same thing happens. I can't delete Sphax because the minecraft files on the MAC are gone. Please help.

    Thank you heart

    asked Jun 27, 2013 in Minecraft Textures by WhereLineSign (590 points)

    1 Answer

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    Delete your .minecraft folder and force update, then increase the ram allocated to java, there are many tutorials online on how to do this.
    answered Jun 29, 2013 by Karl Burniston (860 points)

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