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    i want to play multiplayer and i am not premium how can i create server and play with others
    asked Jun 11, 2013 in Minecraft Servers by krishna2013 (130 points)

    3 Answers

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    Go to minecraft.net then click on download. After that pick MAC or PC which ever one you pick will be the one your computer uses. PS. If you have a MAC you dont have to do as much as a PC.surprisecheekyenlightenedlaughangelcool

    answered Jun 13, 2013 by anonymous
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    Depends, if you just want a server for you and your friends (A.K.A, a private server) then just go to the downloads page of minecraft and download the the minecraftserver.exe, put it in a new folder, and run it.Go into the file called whitelist and add the usernames of people you want to be able to join. Then go into the server.cfg file and enable whitelist. Make sure to either port-forward, or use hamachi.  If you port forward, your IP adress will be your public IP(Go to google and look up "What is my ip?") followed by :25565. For example: 12.345.678.901:25565

    For hamachi, the ip address will be your own hamachi ip, followed by :25565

    For example:1.23.456.789:25565

    If you want a server for anyone to join, just port-forward and disable whitelist. I would reccomend using a bukkit server for these kinds, as you can protect certain areas and get other plug-ins.\

    To make a bukkit server, go to bukkit.org and download the latest build. Then, make a new text document and call it ServerStart.


    @echo off

    java -Xms512M -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit.jar

    Click save as and add .bat to the end of the name.

    Rename the thing you downloaded from bukkit.org to craftbukkit

    Run the file you saved as ServerStart.bat

    There you go!
    answered Jun 23, 2013 by anonymous
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    Get the app Multiplayer fo minecraft pe.

    have a question: in my minecraft pe, my username is amintis. i made that name up. i had minecraft pe multiplayer on and i had on full iron armor. And a stone axe. a person with same thing appeared and when they texted they were also amintis. bug or what? i said are you a minecraft twin or what cuz i made up the name amintis. they said only one amintis would last. they hit me twice i died. i had fll iron armor! and they had stone axe like me. is that a bug or what?

    answered Jun 26, 2013 by anonymous
    reshown Jun 30, 2013 by Claush

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