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  • I tried to get on mc.erthorable.com, but it "can't resolve hostname"

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    Erthorable is where I made my home. And I logged off about 10 minutes ago, and now I can't resolve hostname. Is the server down for a limited time, or permanatly? Or is it a connection error?
    asked Jul 14, 2012 in Minecraft Servers by anonymous

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    I hate to sound obvious but that usually means you have the ip adress wrong :/





    Edit:  When I tried to connect to the erver, I got the error:  

    Failed to connect to server

    Unkown host 'mc.ethorable.com'

    Could mean the server does not work/exist anymore :/
    answered Jul 15, 2012 by miklvy (13,740 points)
    edited Jul 16, 2012 by miklvy

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