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  • HELP!! How to fix a Game Breaking Glitch in Minecraft?!?!

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    Please Read!!!
    Every time I open Minecraft and I select the world I want to play, I get in and there's a major glitch. First of all, the loading of the world takes an extremely longer than usual loading time. Once it finally loads, I am inside of the flooring of my house (Wooden Planks). I jump out and want to leave the room i'm in so I proceed to the door, where i have pressure plates on either side of the door so it will open when stepped on. I step on the pressure plate and the door doesn't open... So I manually open it. Then the next pressure plate would usually close the door i just passed, but that doesn't happen either. Aggravated, I destroy the pressure plate hoping to fix the problem, but when i break the plate no small item pops out for me to pick up the broken plate. After I noticed this I broke other blocks that did the same thing. Then I tried another pressure plate and door area, where the same thing happened. But as I walked through I noticed that farther down the hallway, the blocks were gone. As if a chunk had not loaded, and i could fall down into the void. But it was worse than one chunk, as i looked in the distance there were NO visible chunks. So it seemed the only chunk was the one I spawned on...

    Someone please help, I'm anxious to get back to finishing my home...
    1. How to Fix
    2. And what is exactly the problem.

    I thank you for reading this and hope you can help! :D
    asked Mar 30, 2013 in Minecraft Bugs by anonymous

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    1. Locate the issue first. Try to transfer the world to another pc and see what it does there. If it does exactly the same then the world is most likely corrupted.

    2. See one.
    answered May 9, 2013 by Nikecow (7,410 points)

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