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  • is there a way to find what server a specific player is on? Websites, tutorials, ANYTHING!

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    I am tryin to find an old friend from a minecraft server that recently shut down. I am HOPING to try and find a way what server he plays on now. Anything that can help will do. Thank you.
    asked Feb 24, 2013 in Gameplay by anonymous

    1 Answer

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    I beileve that you cannot, Ive tried for a long long time, To find 1234zacattack or gmanbaseball100 They llive in ten. But i have not found them yet. I found this page trying to look for him/ themsad  Just email me back if u see him and email me the guys user. 

    answered May 10, 2014 by anonymous
    You actually can. Get the MineChat app and add them as a friend on the app it will show which server they are on and if they are online. Hoped this helped you, sadly there's a limit of only being able to add 2 friends on the light version.