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  • Problems adding my server - it is already listed by someone else

    +3 votes
    Im having trouble adding my server to the website because it is saying it has been added by someone else. This is true that someone else added my server but this was back in march and that person no longer plays on my server because he made his own server. So my question is can you please get rid of that server post so that i may update my server information because it has been massively changed/slash updated. Thankyou for your time. Ezio_Wolf
    asked Jun 3, 2012 in IP Servers List by anonymous
    recategorized Jun 5, 2012 by Claush

    1 Answer

    0 votes

    You need to contact me through the Minecraft Server List Contact page and please make sure you give me the following information:

    - A link to the current listing that you want removed.

    - You username on your server.

    I will then connect to it and verify that this request is legit. If it is, I will remove the old listing, so you can make a new one.

    But, if I can clearly see it is an old and outdated listing, I will remove it without the confirmation. But send me a mail, and we will sort it out.

    answered Jun 3, 2012 by Claush (84,210 points)

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