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  • How do i turn mod spawners back on in the game?

    +1 vote
    When I started my new game i turned the mod spawners off, I would like to turn them back on. but I can't find a command or cheat to turn it back on thank you for the help.
    asked Dec 31, 2023 in Gameplay by morticha24 (130 points)

    1 Answer

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    Master ball have 100 % catch and i whatch sirud  video
    Rayqaze is a legend pokemon  
    He is dragon and flying type rayqaze is damaged by dragon and ice and fairy types  
    Mega and gamtermax and primal
    Gamtermax is my favourite is snorlax
    Mega is my favourite is rayquza
    Primal is my favourite  is kyogre
    My favourite  is swampered is only  damaged is grass types
    answered Jun 1 by Wsmash