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  • What server ip is gtamc

    +3 votes
    asked Aug 1, 2022 in Minecraft Servers by lucky.luke122224 (150 points)

    2 Answers

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    answered Aug 1, 2022 by Claush (90,970 points)
    edited Apr 2, 2023 by Claush
    +1 vote
    A pvp server with weapons is GTAMC! Battle other players with your buddies and amass a collection of weaponry to use as needed!
    Due to the lack of in-game fees on our server, it differs from other GTA servers. Every player on our server receives a rank at registration. With the use of in-game money, you can enhance yourself!
    In addition to looting crates, you can also buy a house, a car, sell guns, and shoot people.
    UPDATE: Players will now receive their progress from gtamc.net returned from the server! To find out more about progress restoration, log onto the server and run /rules.
    answered Sep 6, 2022 by cookingdarbar (160 points)