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  • Many of the 1.17 features are not in my single player world

    +2 votes
    When i tried to locate biome, dripstone caves are not able to be found in a reasonable distance, not only dripstone cave, almost every update that 1.17 has is not presented, only Amethyst. How should I fix it?
    asked Jul 4, 2021 in Minecraft Bugs by s2164004 (140 points)

    1 Answer

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    Dripstone only occurs in small patches even in new chunks and also I believe that you might be knowing that the caves and cliffs got splitted into two parts (1.17&1.18) so only 1.17 is released there are not all features in this update you'll only find dripstone in small patches and the other biomes are not added while you can get other blocks from trading with the wandering trader.(And if copper ore is not generating in the caves it means that you have to explore further .

    Thank you
    Hope this helps you (upvote if it did)
    answered Aug 14, 2021 by Programers