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  • How do I get Minecraft to be on my computer doc? I have a Mac

    +2 votes

    I decided to play Minecraft after school, but I noticed that when I clicked on it (it was on my dock) a question mark would appear on top of the block-of-grass logo. I had my brother mess around with some Minecraft files to try to fix it, but he couldnt get anything. He tried removing it from the dock and putting it back on again. Our only issue is that we don't know how to get it back on the dock. We have multiple Minecraft files that my brother has downloaded in the past and we don't know which one is the original Minecraft file. Someone please help. We don't know how to play without it being on our dock or desktop. If that, if anyone knows why the question mark was there in the first place, please speak up.

    asked Oct 12, 2012 in Gameplay by anonymous

    2 Answers

    +1 vote
    Ok, first about the question mark.  This is usually because mac has encountered a problem with the program.  Try deleting and redownloading the game.  This should fix it.  

    About getting it on the dock.  Search in spotlight (The little magnifying glass on the top right) and search minecraft.  When you open it, it should appear in the dock.  Right click on the dock icon and go to options.  Click keep in dock.  When you quit minecraft it will still be there!


    Hope this helps.




    P.S.  Mac is Boss :D
    answered Oct 12, 2012 by miklvy (13,740 points)
    0 votes
    It doesn't mater if it is the minecraft.jar or if it is minecraft.app all you have to do is drag it to your dock. Ones you put it in there you can not delete it or move the original minecraft.jar or minecraft.app
    answered Oct 23, 2012 by Tim Long (650 points)

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