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  • Why can’t we place items on top of trapdoors in console but in pc they can?

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    I was decorating my house while watching a tutorial and the YouTuber placed an item on the trapdoor. When I tried to do it, the item just simply couldn’t appear even while I was shifting. In the pc version of Minecraft you can place sea pickles, flower pots, and lanterns on top of any trapdoors, but in the console version of Minecraft you can’t place sea pickles on upside down stairs or trapdoors. The same goes to lanterns and flower pots. The only item that I’ve experimented with was with those three items and then a skull. I was able to put the skull on the trapdoor but nothing else. Can I just have a reason why we can’t do that on console and is there a way to put it on console? Please and thank you.
    asked Jul 28, 2020 in Gameplay by anonymous

    4 Answers

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    I'm wondering that question myself would love to know.
    answered Jan 29, 2021 by Cheyenne Bradshaw
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    because if u tried to put the block then it will be appear a slab upon so that is why thanks for asking
    answered Feb 4, 2021 by SHRIYANSISOP (150 points)
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    Minecraft bedrock is run by microsoft, and java is run by mojang, theres bound to be some minute details that differ between the versions.

    answered Feb 4, 2021 by anonymous
    My answer exactly
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     I've actually stopped playing Minecraft until recently because of the issue and it seems to have went away for no reason and now it's back. I don't want to have to give up on Minecraft but I can't afford a new computer.

    answered Aug 23, 2021 by Yefimteuoo (180 points)