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  • Hello, I am also having the access denied Issue.

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    I have also had this issue for the past 10-13 days. I already sent an email, 7 days ago, to the email you provided, but so far still haven't received an answer and the issue still remains. I would be very grateful if this issue get resolved soon.
    asked Feb 27 in Minecraft Servers by Torry (170 points)

    1 Answer

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    Best answer
    I did open up for the IP you sent. If you still get the error then you have shuffled IP.

    We have been recieving a ton of bad traffic from your country / ip node so some are blocked.

    If you still have issue, then send me your new IP on email and I will make a wider opening so you can get in.
    answered Feb 27 by Claush (84,300 points)
    selected Feb 27 by Torry
    It seems to work now, thank you!

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