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  • How do you equip a saddle to a pokemon?

    +2 votes

    So i can't equip a saddle to a pokemon (Squirtle) can anyone help me please!!! yea i really need help PLEASE!!!! Thx! :)

    asked Oct 2, 2019 in Gameplay by MikolontopMC (140 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    Um is this a pokemon mod?
    Anyways if it is Follow these steps
          (Horse Script)
    #1 Ride the Pokemon
    #2 Open inventory or press E on your keyboard
    #3 Take the saddle and put it in the saddle Slot
                           (Pig Script)
    #1 Take the saddle and press the build button on the pokemon

    #2 Then hit build button again on it
    #3 You shoud be riding it
        (If none of these work)
    Ask the modpack developer how to put a saddle on the pokemon.

    Thanks for asking!

    answered May 1 by NightmareGameee (1,160 points)

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