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  • Anyone have any details on the reaper minion in RL CRAFT? I can’t find info on it at all, and I don’t understand it?

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    in RL craft, is there’s this reaper that will spawn randomly or I think when you kill something and in the chat bar it will say you can now temporarily summon reaper as a minion and I’m confused because it attacks me, and I’m not sure how to work it, summon it and I just want details on it? Maybe a link to the mobs details and instructions.
    asked Sep 23, 2019 in Minecraft Client Mods by anonymous

    5 Answers

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    You need a summuning staff to summon anything in RL craft. To even make a summoning staff you will need 8 levels in the magic stat.

    After that you can make the staff with the necessary materials and summon away. More creatures you come into contact with the more you can summon and other more powerful variants.
    answered Oct 2, 2019 by FBI
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    Use your bestiary to see which mobs you can summon. Make a summoning rod/wand to summon them.
    answered Oct 2, 2019 by anonymous
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    Make a summoning staff then check the beastiary for more information on the creatures you can summon
    answered Oct 2, 2019 by anonymous
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    thgat dude is bad just kill him and the summon thing means you can summon him later if you have the items to just like wither
    answered Oct 2, 2019 by 123123
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    the reaper appears randomly, but it only appears when you kill something, mainly sheep, cows, pigs, spiders, zombies, pretty much any mob that would normally be kindof weak stat wise. if you have the right amount of armour, weapons, etc, then you can kill one pretty easily. Watch out though as you never know when you kill something and they'll pop up, just make sure that you hunt and kill things sparingly or else they will pop up more.There is also a chance that it will spawn during "Shadow Games" where mobs randomly spawn and day is quickly turned to night

    Also they're called 'Reapers' for a reason, by killing something you're pretty much asking to be killed yourself by the Reaper
    answered Oct 15, 2019 by Night Nexus