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  • Why is there more than one Ender dragon that spawned in the End?

    +1 vote
    So i entered the End through the portal in the stronghold, nothing strange, yet. Then the boss HP at the top of the screen appeared, then one more, then one more, and so on until there were 5 of it. And I was like, woah I am in deep trouble. Oh boy I am, there were at least EIGHT ENDER DRAGONS!!! I was planning to take them all out, but only survived for the first minute.
    Does anyone know why this happened? Or at least is there anyone who encountered the same thing?

    I am playing Minecraft Windows 10 Edition version 1.12
    asked Aug 6, 2019 in Minecraft Bugs by ahmdaini (130 points)

    1 Answer

    0 votes
    This happend to me too!!! I was so intrigued I switched to creative to check it out. I counted 9 or 10. This has to be impossible to kill!!!
    answered Aug 15, 2019 by Anna
    Have you found any solutions for it???

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