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    Member for: 1 year (since Mar 11, 2019)
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    Full name: Stephen Gordonour
    Location: New York
    Website: https://resumesarea.com/resume-editing/
    About: My name is Stephen Gordonour. I am resume writer.If you are job hunting, you can be sure that at a certain point your potential employer will check your LinkedIn profile. While you may have perfected the main part of your LinkedIn page, you might want to dedicate a few extra moments to the « Interests » section.
    Where do I find my interests on LinkedIn?
    You can find your interests on the bottom of your LinkedIn profile. If you click on your profile picture on the upper panel, you will find a drop-down menu with a « View Profile » option under your name. If you are unaware of what interests are currently listed on your resume, simply click on « View Profile » and scroll to the bottom of your page.
    Your interests on LinkedIn reflect the pages you have liked and followed. When you click on the “Interests” in the bottom of the page, you can see two sections: who you are following and what groups you have joined. How do I make sure my interests on LinkedIn are relevant to what I am looking for and make the right impression on the employer?
    Your interests should highlight your values, your life outside of work and your human side. For instance, if you would like to work for PETA or WWF, it is better not to add anything hunting-related to your interests, contradicting information like that would be a huge flag to your empl
    Add pages that directly reflect how you are willing to go one step further in your career. For example, if you are pursuing a career in writing, joining groups like “Journalists Worldwide” or following pages of big publishing companies and newspaper can be a great add to the interests. Make sure the types of publications you follow directly reflect your values and the values of the companies you apply to.
    The main tip is to be consistent when it comes to the relevance of the interests.
    How do I add interests to my LinkedIn profile?
    There are two ways to add interests to your LinkedIn profile.
    The first one would be to search for keywords that reflect your interests and then click on “Groups”. You will see a long list of possible groups you could join. You need to request to join a group and once you get the approval, the group will appear among your interests on LinkedIn. Not only is this useful for your interests but also you never know who will be in the same group as you – probably your future employer!
    The other way to reflect your interests on your profile would be to follow companies you would like to work for, whose values you share and whose achievements you admire. For example, if you are targeting a position in the pharmaceuticals industry, following pharmaceutical companies, researchers and innovators in the pharmaceutical field. It will help show that your interests in your field go beyond the tasks assigned to you. It also comes in handy for you as an active candidate to keep up with the latest news – following a company means that it will appear on your news feed and that you can be one of the first people to see when they have a job opening!
    Dedicating a few minutes to your interests on your LinkedIn page can be a wonderful finishing touch to your profile. By all means, first finish the main sections of the profile but remember that a full interests section gives an impression of a complete profile and adds a human side to it. Good employers want their employees to have interests, hobbies and a life outside of the office. People like working with people and there is nothing better to show you are a real person than highlighting a few extra interests on your professional page.

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    A common claim from resume services around the country, not just in the Internet, is that they know more about the industry you’re applying for than you do. Examine this claim impartially, and you’ll see it clearly isn’t the case. They spend all their time writing resumes and talking with their clients, while you have spend years studying, interning and possibly even working in your chosen industry. Unless you’re trying to enter the resume writing industry, they don’t know any more about it than you do.
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    Mar 11, 2019 by stephengordonour
    Mar 11, 2019 by stephengordonour

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