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  • What tool is used to mine stones and ores

    +1 vote
    asked Mar 7, 2019 in Crafting by Gangbaby11 (130 points)

    3 Answers

    0 votes
    Hi! It’s called a pickaxe. You create it by taking two sticks and 3 (wood, stone, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds) and doing the following.

    1. Take the two sticks and place them diagonally. (1- stick) (0- empty)





    2. Take the (material) and make an angle shape (1- stick) (0- empty) (2- material)






    Ta-Da! A pickaxe!
    answered May 16, 2019 by Derpylove11
    0 votes
    I think that it's pickaxe.
    answered May 16, 2019 by Quiz for free robux at bux.city.com
    0 votes
    Another comment has informed you that the proper tool is a pickaxe, but i would like to tell you that:

    To mine iron ore, you need a stone or better pickaxe

    To mine diamonds/gold you need a gold/diamond/iron pickaxe

    to mine lapis you need iron+
    answered Sep 14, 2019 by anonymous

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