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  • im getting reported for no reason.why?

    +1 vote
    Just want to say this is going to probably be a long peice of text but please do read.To start, i found some diamonds in a cave exactly 6 diamonds and i asked a person if they wanted a diamond they said i was a scammer (i wasnt) so i tried to tp to him to show him but he said no so i stopped and then another person said i was bullying so i said how is that bullying and then the person i tried to give diamonds to muted me and kept talking to me to try and annoy me like saying thing like i wonder if he muted me i wonder whats happening and so on so i asked him why are you talking to me if you muted me and then he said "everybody /mute supersal2008" and then another person reported me. so i just want to say why? just why?
    asked Aug 10, 2018 in Gameplay by supersal2008 (130 points)

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